Webpages are ranked when keywords or phrases are typed into your search engine. Search engine optimization or SEO uses the keywords to display information in order of importance or popularity. Besides keywords, incoming links are one indication to a search engine how relevant that site is. Since About the Author boxes contain backlinks which are incoming links to a webpage or website that is attached to the authors URL. This should increase the relevancy of the site increasing visibility and free traffic to your site when writing and posting articles. There are many directory owners that will publish your articles. These owners allow webmasters to pick up these articles for reprint in email letters or their websites. This will only benefit you with added free traffic to readers you could not have reached on your own plus it may help connect you with other people of the same interests.

Authoritative sites on a given topic are valuable. If your site and another site are linked and both have content geared toward the topic the backlink is considered to have strong influence on the search engines ranking. Anchor text is another important factor of a backlink. Anchor test is the descriptive labeling of a hyperlink as it appears on a webpage. The anchor test is evaluated on how relevant it is to the content of the page.

A mutual link between two websites is referred to as a reciprocal link. After you have had your articles distributed and have met people with the same interests you can try this process. Contact other website owners and ask to be reciprocally linked. This adds links to your site which helps in the SEO ranking. There are link exchange directories you can submit your site to also. A link exchange forum has members which advertise the sites they want to get links to and offer reciprocal or three way linking back to the sites that link to them.

One form of online marketing and search engine optimization is link campaigns. To increase your free traffic ask partners, organizations, suppliers and customers to add links from their web sites. These links do not require the reciprocation of links but many reciprocal links are acquired in this manner. If you are a member of a social networking site such as MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter for example, there are many opportunities to form reciprocal links. Many bloggers and social networking writers generate traffic and links by making the users aware of a new release that they can help promote by visiting. These new releases can be in the form of news, information, humor, or tools to name a few. This can only boost the ranking of the search engines higher with added links.

By writing one or more articles and having them published you are creating many links back to your site creating free traffic and reaching thousands or millions or readers you could not have reached on your own. You are gaining connections to readers with the same interests as you. So why wait. Write the article about your business, subjects, ideas, or thoughts and begin to be seen and heard on the world wide web!

Using a Free WordPress Blog to Drive Traffic

Many websites now have blogs as a part of the site, though not all. If you’re looking for an easy way to build up the traffic to your site, consider opening up a free WordPress account and starting a blog. It’s extremely simple to set up, and in as little as 15 minutes a week you can be driving free traffic to your website.

After you sign up with WordPress, you will want to choose a blog name. Creating a blog is a lot like making an online newsletter that will share information about you, your company, or your product. You can post weekly updates–or daily if you have time–the choice is yours. The free WordPress platform is exactly that–free.

You might consider paying a small amount to have a writer compose your blog posts for you, especially if you have trouble with grammar and spelling. In order to make the readers click through to your website from the blog, you will want to project a professional image. The free platform makes it easy to create a professional looking blog, but it’s up to you to make sure the content in the blog posts is relevant and accurate.


A blog is a type of website usually written by a single person that makes posts consistently on a regular basis. A blog which is a contraction of web and log can contain events, commentary, graphics, videos, photos, games, or music or a combination of all of these. Blog also means to maintain or add content to a blog.

Many blogs combine texts and images that link to other blogs, web pages, or media related to its topic. An important part of many blogs is the ability for readers to share music, art, or photographs or just leave comments that relate to the topics discussed. The most common blog is a personal blog such as a diary or commentary. Bloggers are known for taking care to write well and are proud of their blogs even if there is virtually no traffic to the blog. Some personal blogs can have an extensive followings. These may capture a moment in history, problems you are trying to solve, a political issue, a review about a product or company, feelings of the day, or a special photograph you would like to share. Many shoppers who research products often use other consumers’ reviews to help make their buying decisions. People with health care challenges use blogs to learn about their conditions and meet others with the same problems. The content of your blog is not limited to one media type. A blogger can incorporate written text with pictures if it helps get your message across. People read your blog and if they are interested they will return to your blog or be directed to your personal website generating free traffic for you. The more people interested the more free traffic.

Social gathering or community is often how the blogosphere is described. Blogs are often linked in a social network called “ blogrolls” all blog engines automatically include a blogroll. Other ways a blogosphere has inter connection is comments that include user created connect. Linkbacks, are common and accepted as good blogging relations include trackbacks and pingbacks, and backlinks. Blogosphere discussions have been used as a way to gauge public opinion on various issues. MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog are online communities that connect blogs and other bloggers to each other creating more free traffic for you. Some blogs feature advertisements or products, these ads are a good source of monetary value and some blogger use this income to support causes and favorite charities. The popularity and influence of blogging has become very widespread over the last few years. Always be careful of giving out private information. Unforeseen consequences can happen. The anonymity of blogging can lead to a possibility of insults or attacks or threats against a blogger.

Blog have a form of search engine such, these search engines are user driven. A few of the top user driven search engines for blogs are Bloglines,, Bing, BlogScope, and Technorati Some even give rankings based on the number of incoming links and Alexa Internet based on the web hits of the Alexa toolbar users. Being in an online community of bloggers helps to get your message and ideas out to the world wide web.

Through affiliation with a site or popularity of your views or ideas free traffic can be yours by blogging. By contributing to your blog with thoughtful words you will generate free traffic to you or your website with links and get what you may be passionate about out to the world.

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