Importance of Forum Signature

If you frequent forums regularly as a lurker and you have never signed up—or if you are a member at forums and you have never filled out your signature—you are bypassing the opportunity to advertise yourself and your business free of charge. Any opportunity you have to promote yourself online should be used effectively. Forum signatures are a great way to advertise yourself and generate more traffic to your sites.

When you post on the forum your signature will appear at the bottom of your posts. The more often you post and join in on conversations, the more likely the chances are that someone reading your posts will click the link(s) you provide in your signature. Having these links to your websites can also help you get your sites on the front pages of search engines.

When you join forums the first thing you should do is locate the area where you can fill out your signature. This area is usually found in the ‘my settings’ area or the ‘my account’ area of the site after you have logged in.

Use the signature area to your advantage, yet make certain that you are following the rules of the site. Some forums have rules in regards to how you can lay out your signatures, what you can put in them and how long they can be. Others do not. You should know that some forums may not allow the placement of links in signatures until members have contributed X amount of posts to the message boards. Always comply with the rules of the sites or you could be banned from them.

Generally speaking, forum signatures can contain text, animation and/or graphics. To truly maximize your forum signatures you should be creative. If not, your signature may be glanced over. If the forum allows you to use various colors in your signature, do so. If you have multiple products or sites you are advertising, use a different color for each. You should also know that most people are attracted to movement. If you have the option to upload smilies to your signature, use them. These grab the attention of forum readers and increase the chances that they’ll read your signature.

You should know that the more you contribute useful information and engage other members in conversations, the more likely your signature will be read. If you just post short snippets on message boards just to get your signature seen, people will figure out fairly quick that you are just there to advertise. So, make sure your contributions to the forums you join are genuine.

You should update your forum signatures regularly. Most people have a tendency to overlook things they see on a day-to-day basis. By rearranging your information and/or adding new information to your signature regularly you are sure to get your signature noticed.

Email Signature Tips

One area that consistently gets overlooked is the email signature. Some people have something such as ‘Regards’ – ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Thank you’ and then their first name. This is truly not the best way to end your emails with business associates and customers. It just really lacks a sense of professionalism.

There are certain bits of information that you should have programmed in to display on all of your business emails. This information includes the following:

Your name and title

Your company name

Phone number(s)

Fax number(s)

The physical address of your company

Your mailing address if it is different from your physical address

Your website address

Your e-mail address

Your business logo or slogan, if you have one

You may feel that it is unnecessary to list your email address. However, your email address may get lost or be unreadable if the recipients of your email forward it to their contacts – and their contacts forward it to their contacts and so on.

The best way to ensure that all of this information is included in every email that you send from your business email account is to go into your message options and add a signature line. This signature line will appear whether you send a new message or forward a message that you received from someone else. Doing this is especially important if you are emailing from a Blackberry or other PDA. No one likes to get an email that ends with the message ‘sent from IPhone’ or ‘sent from Blackberry’.

When setting up your automated email signature, refrain from anything that is unprofessional or cute—such as graphics or funky background colors. Your email signature area should be aesthetically pleasing and professional. Besides graphics and funky background colors, here are some things to avoid:

Extra large fonts

Small fonts

Multiple colors

Multiple colors and fonts

Your email signature may seem like such a small thing in the grand scheme of life, but you’d be surprised at how important it really is to your business associates and customers. Receiving an email that looks like it was hastily written or one that looks childish and cheesy can turn off people that you interact with regularly.

Setting up a professional email signature doesn’t take more than a few minutes, but not doing it could hurt your business forever. When you are running an online business don’t take anything for granted. Everything that you put out there – whether it is a blog posting, forum posting, Twitter comment, Facebook status, bio or email signature – is a reflection of you. All of this information works to ‘brand’ you and your business for the good…or the bad.

Welcome to Art Of AdWords Headlines

Your AdWords headlines are some of the most stringent and difficult examples of concise writing. Getting the attention of a page viewer in 25 characters or less takes real skill and talent.

Ask a short question – Develop a brief question that might be in your reader’s minds when searching for your chosen keywords. For example: “Want To Lose Weight?” would appeal to those searching for diet plans.

Make a solid promise – Tell them what they will get by clicking your ad. If you can promise something that they want, they will click through.

Share a benefit – Let the reader know what one of your product or service’s best features would be. People always like to see what is in it for them, before they buy, or even consider, a product.

Use a popular keyphrase – When people see the exact phrase they are searching for within a headline, they are likely to believe that the site will have the answers that they are searching for. Do your keyword research diligently.

There are lots of different techniques that you can use to write AdWords headlines that get clicked, it just takes a bit of creativity and some trial and error to find the perfect solution for your website.

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