Best Uses for a Teleseminar

December 29th, 2009

Teleseminars are a way to reach out to people you want to teach, inform, educate or sell a product or services. They are great for building your start-up business and creating a client list for future endeavors.

Here are 5 uses for a teleseminar all businesses should take into consideration.

1. Education – You can educate with a teleseminar in different ways. You can educate your target audience about specifics in your niche, you can inform the public about your service or product or you can have a meeting to train your employees or teach your students. Using a teleseminar allows you to get information to a select group of people who have indicated they want to learn more.

2. Promotion and Selling – If you have a product or service the teleseminar is a great way to get your product on the map. People who are interested would sign up and call in to learn more about your product and service and find out how to purchase it.

3. Business Meetings – Many corporations these days have employees living throughout the world. A teleseminar is an easy way to get all of those people together in one place to discuss important issues within a company. Not only is this a smart way to get everyone together, it is also very economical since there is no traveling involved or meeting rooms to rent.

4. Reputation – Establishing yourself and your company in a good light can sometimes be difficult when you exist solely on the Internet. A teleseminar will give you the chance to introduce yourself and your product or service to the world. Putting a voice to a brand or a product is the best way to win over perspective customers; they now have someone they can relate to as a real person, rather than a faceless name on a website.

5. Interviewing and Orientation – One way a teleseminar can be utilized at its best is in interviewing potential clients or employees. You could set up a time where you have a question and answer session to have all of the potential clients or employees questions answered. You could also do group orientations for employees. This is a great way to meet with them and to get to know how they will fit into your company.

Welcome to Teleseminar or Webinar!

December 29th, 2009
Everything you do to promote yourself or your product must have a purpose if it is to be effective. This includes your webinar and/or teleseminar. Without having a specific purpose in mind, your product is out gallivanting with other marketing tools till all hours of the night and who knows when it is going to make its way home with sales. By giving your teleseminar a specific purpose you are helping it to figure out exactly who it is and how it falls in line with all of your other marketing materials.
The aim of having a purpose is to allow you to focus on one particular marketing tool at a time. By defining the purpose of your webinar and teleseminar, you are pretty much setting an outline for how they are supposed to run. Half of the work is done for you if you can just decide on what purpose your webinar and teleseminar will hold. For instance, if you are conducting a purely informational teleseminar, then allow some extra time at the end for questions. If your teleseminar’s purpose is strictly to market and promote a product or service, make certain you have plenty of time allocated for information regarding the product’s background. You’ll also need to allow for some discussion among the callers in attendance about some sample issues in which your product would be useful.
The Purpose is the Perfect Starting Point
The purpose of your webinar is a great place to start the planning if you do not know where to begin. Similar to the vision and mission statements of starting a business, your seminar’s purpose will help to keep you stay on track while developing your webinar and teleseminar. A few other benefits to identifying your purpose at an early stage is that you will be more motivated once you have the general overview of what you are trying to accomplish. Just like an outline for a research paper, the whole campaign will run like a well-oiled machine with a solid purpose in mind. It’s easier to focus on the finish line if you know where it is right?
If you need help identifying your purpose here are a few questions you can ask yourself.
• What is meaningful about my product?
• How does my product help other people?
• What information can I tell people to get them excited about my product?
• What questions do I expect people to have for me about my services?
• How can I design my webinar/teleseminar to convey the excitement about my product?
By asking yourself some, if not all, of these questions, you will be able to identify the purpose of your webinar or teleseminar.
By identifying its purpose, you can then communicate more effectively while taking some of the burden of planning off of yourself too. You decided to host your seminar for a reason – what was that reason and what do you hope to accomplish by holding it? If you can answer those 2 questions, along with some of the ones listed above, your teleseminar will be a great source of information to your callers. When you give them quality information they can actually use, they will be back.
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